Art Instagram Accounts


It’s not too hard to understand how Instagram managed to draw in a lot of creative artists. This visual platform is the perfect place for artists to showcase their art, advertise their exhibitions and connect with other artists. Needless to say art Instagram accounts are among the most popular and visited profiles. Art is the food of the soul and looking at art as we scroll through our Instagram feed can make our day. There are many forms of art you can find on Instagram, from architecture, animations, paintings and drawings to classical artists and famous museums showcasing their rich collections.

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A lot of artists have found their home on Instagram. This popular social network is a great platform for artists to express their creativity and share their creations with the world. Art is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Art is the food of the soul and it can bring out the best emotions from us, from overwhelming joy to despair. Art comes in many forms, not just paintings. It can be architecture, photography or sculpting. Art can be enormous or small, from a great big church fresco to a tiny sculpture. And with the rise of the computer age, art has further evolved through short animations and videos you can enjoy on Instagram.

A lot of celebrities on Instagram share their art to the world. If you look at this list you will find many influential artists, as well as up and coming art stars that will make your day with their incredible art. You will find a lot of familiar names of renowned artists, but new art stars as well who use social networks like Instagram to promote their art. Artists as well as critics share stories and personal recommendations, so if you don’t want to miss another art exhibition ever again, follow them for your daily dose of inspiring art.